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Greetings Alumni!

When you think of Lyke House, what memories come to your mind? I think of liturgy meetings, fellowship, retreats, friendships, academics, service and of the intense spiritual and moral maturity I developed as a member of Christ’s body. Lyke House became like home (pun intended) only when I became actively engaged and submitted to God’s authority to show his power through my many weaknesses.

As I reflect back on those memories, it is my hope that current and future Lyke House students are able to encounter Christ through their experience at Lyke House. In the spirit of supporting current Lyke House students, alumni, and Catholics in the AUC, the Lyke House Alumni Network was developed.

The vision of the Lyke House Alumni Network is to ensure the Catholic Center’s enduring presence in the Atlanta University Center through fundraising, volunteerism, and advocacy. Another aspect of the Alumni Network will be to foster community and meaningful communication among Catholic alumni.

Alumni, we’d love to hear from you!

Please share your ideas, updates, etc. on our Facebook page, “Lyke House Alumni Network.” You can also email me at


Lyke House: Family and Friends Dedication Mass

Candis M. Hunter, Coordinator
Lyke House Alumni Network

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Lyke House: Family and Friends Dedication Mass

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