Easter Message

My Dear Students and Friends,      

Peace be with you!

Christ is risen! Alleluia, Alleluia!

Thanks be to God, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Paschal Joy  and Happy Easter to you as we celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord!

Today we rejoice with the Universal Church, the entire human race, and all created reality in thanksgiving to God for His incredible act of love for us through the destruction of death by resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

The Easter Joy is fully expressed in the Easter Proclamation-the Exsultet chanted at the Easter Vigil. It begins with the words “Rejoice Heavenly powers!” Rejoice, because tonight darkness has not only been overcome by light but has also been transformed by Christ who is the true Light of the world. So radiant is the splendor of Christ Resurrection that even the night is truly bless and has become our joy.

This is experienced during the Easter Vigil when we enter the dark Church with the Easter Candle and our lighted candles which were all lit from the Easter Candle. Symbolic of Christ our Light and our sharing in Christ light so that we can be light to others. This is a very beautiful scene to see the whole church make the journey with candle lights. This transition from darkness to light truly reflect what the Easter experience is all about.

It is about rebirth and walking in the light of Christ. It is about renewing our commitments to follow Jesus from this life to eternal life. It is about rising from our weakness and sins to faith in the resurrected Christ. Above all the Easter experience is about asking the risen Lord to roll back the stone from our life. This stone can sometimes be serious obstacle that causes us to be sad, hurt, sick, confused, frustrated, and resentful. 

This is a time to trust in God’s power to destroy evil and death that has plagued our community, nation, and the world since the fall of Adam. That is why we rejoice. We are to rejoice as a Church so that Christ glory will shine upon us. Through his resurrection, Christ has redeemed us from all our sins and we are restored to Grace and Holiness. The Easter proclamation tells us O felix Culpa, O necessarium Adae peccatum ac tatum meruit habere Redemptorem.” O happy fault, O necessary sin of Adamus which gain for us so great a redeemer

This tells us that in life sometimes our worse mistakes, or sins of the past, or our mess can be transformed by God. It can be an occasion for us to receive God’s unconditional and divine love. It can be a moment of God’s grace and blessings in our lives. And when we receive this blessing we are called to walk in His Light (Christ) and remain in God’s love. This is why we rejoice today as an Easter people, grateful to God for the felix culpa of Adam which gives us our great redeemer Jesus Christ our mighty hero. May God shower you with joy, peace and blessings as we celebrate Easter. Happy Easter!!! Alleluia, Alleluia!!!!                 


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